Understanding the EOI Ranking System for Skilled Visas

Why can't I use 48 score to enroll for EOI

Most people find getting skilled visas complicated. To complete this process, you should know about the EOI ranking system, which can decide who gets the visa and who does not. 

This blog by PTE Magic will explain the details of the EOI ranking system, including how it works and what points you will need to enrol for EOI.

Check them out below!

Key Takeaways

  • For immigration, you must submit an EOI to apply for skilled visas, including the 190, 491, or 189 visas.
  • The EOI system awards points based on language skills, age, work experience, education, adaptability, and risk assessment.
  • If you don’t reach at least a 65 PTE score in each of the 4 English skills in the EOI, your language skills will be 0 points.

What is EOI? 

Why can't I use 48 score to enroll for EOI

EOI stands for Expression of Interest. This document is crucial for immigration, job searching, and doing business. For immigration, you must submit an EOI to apply for skilled visas, including the 190, 491, or 189 visas.

For your information, an EOI is not a visa application itself. It’s a way to show that you’re interested in getting a skilled visa. You share your details in the EOI, including your education and work experience. These will be the criteria that the immigration people will use to give you a score.

Below are the full criteria that will determine your score. Let’s see what are those.

How the EOI Ranking System Works

The EOI system uses points to grade your profile. These criteria will impact differently to your overall score. Here’s how they affect your ranking:

Language Skills

2. EOI-Ranking-System

EOI will determine your score by the score on your IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL tests

EOI will determine your score by the score in your English test for the 4 English skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Your test score can be from IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL tests.

Each skill contributes a certain amount to the total score. For example, you get 0 points if you score a Competent English level. At the Proficient English level, you will earn 10 points. 20 points are yours when you achieve the Superior English level.

Strong English skills will help you fit in better in Australia, like in other countries. PTE Magic suggests you follow our courses to enhance your EOI ranking in Australia. Each point from your PTE test counts in the EOI ranking, so don’t look down on your test performance.



Age is another factor you should consider. This is a key criterion for your EOI score, as the system favours younger age. People at young ages will have a longer opportunity to contribute their work, which benefits the Australian economy better.

You will receive a score based on the age range of the group. For example, you will get the highest score if you’re in the 25-32 age group. The number of points will drop when you get older.  

The older age group will have a certain limit for skilled visas. The current rule does not support people over 45 as they won’t get an invitation to apply. Therefore, if you’re about to reach the limit age, you should plan to submit your EOI as soon as possible.

Work Experience

3. what-is-eoi

The more related work experience you have, the higher points your EOI score will be

This aspect evaluates your strengths and work experience. The more related work experience you have, the higher points your EOI score will be.

For your information, the score you get for your work experience depends on the time and place of your experience. For example, you can get your score for Australian work experience if you have worked in Australia for one year at a relevant position. The same goes for other countries—you will claim points for overseas work experience. 

Note that your experience in working must be on Australia’s list of skilled jobs. Not to mention, your work experience must be a full-time job and give you a salary. You also must have performed the tasks described for that job in the ANZSCO list.


Different education will get different points. The higher your education, the higher the point you will get. For example, a Doctorate from a popular standard institution will give you 20 points. You will get 15 points for a Bachelor’s degree and 10 points for a diploma from an Australian school.

You can see that the system is competitive, so having a higher education will help you with this.


4. eoi-australia

You will get a higher score if you lived or worked in Australia before

This factor is based on several things. One of them is your previous experience in Australia. You will get a higher score if you lived or worked in Australia before.

Moreover, your score will also differ if you have a wife or husband. They will evaluate your partner’s score using the same criteria: English skills, education, and work experience. This shows that the Australian government values family unity, as they believe family can better support a person in a foreign country.

Risk Assessment

Your health, money situation, criminal history, and other safety worries will also determine your score. Your score will count more if you have enough money, good health, and no history of breaking the law.

The EOI ranking system also considers how safe your job is. Some jobs are more dangerous than others, considering market changes and work danger. You might provide more information to meet the rules in this category.

PTE Score Requirement in EOI

5. eoi-points

You must achieve at least a 65 PTE score in 4 English skills to get Proficient English

The PTE, or Pearson Test of English, is among the English tests the Department of Home Affairs accepts for visa purposes. To get the proficient English level, you must get at least 65 in each of the four skills: listening, reading, and writing. 

As mentioned above, you must achieve the Profient English LEVEL to get 10 points. In other words, your language skills in the ranking system will be 0 points if you don’t reach at least a 65 PTE score in each of the 4 English skills.

Remember, you should take the PTE Academic test in the three years before you apply for the visa.

Final Thoughts

Getting a good score from the EOI ranking system can be difficult, but good preparation can improve your chances. If you want to earn high language skills points, our PTE Magic courses ensure you will score above 65.

Every point matters in the EOI, so a good PTE score can be your saviour. So don’t wait. Start enrolling in our courses today!

Last updated on 02/05/2024

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