How to bring PTE Reading to the next level?

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PTE Reading 84

In the beginning of December this year, Pearson recently updated its concordance report with the purpose of making the PTE scores align with IELTS scores. (For more information, please find it here)

In short, if you’re planning to score PTE 8.0, it’s good to aim higher and spend more time to complete that goal .

Today, let’s have a look at how to bring your PTE Reading from 79+ to 84+.

  1. Read Aloud
    For those of you who are aiming for 84+, you certainly need to do this task well because it also contributes to PTE Reading score. Pay more attention to content, which means you can’t add, miss and replace words. It’s also important to pronounce the words more clearly in order for the computer to catch you better.
    If you haven’t read this article about 3 common Read Aloud mistakes, please refer to here.
  2. Fill in the Blanks
    Reading & Writing: Fill in the blanks and Reading: Fill in the blanks have become more important, so we need to try to answer them correctly. Only practicing and memorising repeated questions and the question bank might not be enough, which means we have to understand what they are testing us. Improving basic grammar rules, vocabulary and collocations is a great way to help you do FIB better.
    If you haven’t read this article about the FIB skills, please refer to it here.
  3. Re-order Paragraphs
    Instead of memorising the orders, we should try to learn the tips in order to deal with this item type. For example, pay attention to personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, transition words, etc. Try to understand the logic behind these paragraphs and why the author writes this way, so you can get them correctly in the test.
  4. Summarise Written Text
    When we approach this task, it’s important to ensure that there’s no grammar, spelling and form error. On that basis, just try to get as many keywords as you can.
    If you haven’t read this article about some common mistakes in Summarise Written Text, please find it here.
  5. Highlight correct summary/ Highlight incorrect words/ Multiple choice, choose multiple answers/ Multiple choice, choose single answer
    Always try to do your best to get them correctly. In Highlight incorrect words and Multiple choice, choose multiple answers, negative marking applies, so it’s better to choose the answers that you’re sure about.

Overall, in order to improve PTE Reading and achieve 84+, we need to pay more attention to FIB and RO and work on essential skills, such as English grammar, vocabulary and collocations, because they can make a difference.

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Last updated on 05/01/2021

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