How to bring PTE Speaking to the next level?

How to get PTE Speaking 84?

Pearson has recently updated its concordance report with the purpose of making the PTE scores align with IELTS scores. It certainly is a shock, especially for those who are aiming for 79 in all the components, because now it has been updated to 84.
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According to the Pearson Official Website, if universities, professional bodies, such as Nursing, or the Australian, New Zealand or UK governments decide to review their PTE Academic score requirements and make changes we expect this would happen over a period of months and years and that notice would be given if score requirements change so that everyone is aware and can prepare.

However, it’s still good to aim higher and spend more time to complete that goal if you’re planning to score PTE 8.0.

Today, let’s have a look at how to bring your PTE Speaking from 79+ to 84+. In the past, we have been told that Describe Image and Re-tell Lecture are important, no matter what out target is, so we have been pretty familiar with these two tasks, but how to bring PTE Speaking to the next level?

  1. Read Aloud
    For those of you who are aiming for 84+, you certainly need to do this task well because it also contributes to PTE Reading score. Pay more attention to content, which means you can’t add, miss and replace words. It’s also important to pronounce the words more clearly in order for the computer to catch you better.
  2. Repeat Sentence
    We need to improve the ability to understand the sentence instead of relying solely on short-term memory. Try to catch more meaningful phrases in order for you to repeat as much as you can.
  3. Answer Short Question
    10 to 12 Speaking and Listening points are still something, so we need to make sure we know the answer to most of the questions.
  4. Pronunciation
    Fluency is important, but it doesn’t mean we should sacrifice pronunciation. If you’re planning to get 84+ in PTE Speaking, a clear pronunciation is essential, too. A good pronunciation means the computer can catch the content better.
  5. Flow
    Flow is to make correct pauses and to have appropriate phrasing. We need to talk naturally like a native instead of talking like a robot (that is, don’t talk like you’re separating between words).

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