PTE 65 Score Points: IELTS Equivalent & Study Tips

PTE 65 Score Points: IELTS Equivalent & Study Tips

Pearson PTE is the most popular English language certificate among people planning on moving to Australia. Indeed, PTE is easy to get good scores and has the same value as IELTS and TOEFL.

PTE 65 is considered a safe score for admission to top universities worldwide.

However, many students wonder, “Is PTE 65 difficult to get?” and “How can I get PTE 65 quickly?

Read this post if you aim for PTE 65+!

PTE Magic will provide some information regarding PTE 65. Besides, you will get useful study tips to save time preparing for PTE exams!

Key Takeaways

  • PTE 65 means that the overall PTE score for the four English skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—is 65 points.
  • According to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), PTE 60 is equivalent to Level B2.
  • The average study time for PTE 65 is typically 3 to 6 months for those with an English background.


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What does PTE 65 mean?

PTE Academic or Pearson Test of English has a score scale from 0 to 90.

The scoring system measures four English skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The most common targets to meet the language requirements for studying, working, and settling in Australia are PTE 30, PTE 42, PTE 50, PTE 65, PTE 79, and PTE 90.

PTE 65 means that the overall PTE score is 65 points for the above four skills.

Is 65 in PTE a good score?

pte 65 score points - ielts equivalent & study tips

Yes, absolutely.

A PTE score of 65 or higher is the most coveted score among international students wanting to study in Australia. With PTE 65, you may apply to most top universities and colleges for bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

PTE 60 is equivalent to Level B2 according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

With PTE 65 level, students can communicate fluently, understand the main ideas of complex text, and create clear and thorough text on many topics.

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What can you do with a PTE 65?

Here’s what you can do with PTE 65:

Apply for a study visa

PTE 65 typically serves as an academic education entry requirement for undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

To gain admission to a good university or college in Australia, you must achieve a minimum score of 65 in all four English skills.

Here are the top Australian universities requiring PTE 65 and higher:

  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of Sydney
  • Monash University
  • University of Canberra.

Work in the nursing sector

PTE 65+ or IELTS 7.0 are required for nursing registration in Australia and other English-speaking countries.

Apply for Australian PR

The PTE is a prerequisite for professional and employment permits and skilled migration visas to Australia.

PTE 65 is the minimum score required to apply for a visa in Australia.

Visa 189 (Australian Skilled Independent Visa)

Visa 189 is intended for highly skilled workers wanting to immigrate to Australia without a company, family member, or state/territory government sponsorship.

You will get migration points for your visa application based on your PTE score:

  • 10 migration points for  PTE 65.
  • 20 migration points for PTE 79.

Visa 190 (Australian Skilled Nominated Visa)

Unlike Visa 189, visa 190 requires sponsorship from Australian state/territory government agencies. Furthermore, Visa 190 is only for Australian-priority occupations.

Visa 491 (Skilled Work Regional Visa)

Visa 491 is granted to skilled workers who reside and work in Australia temporarily. It requires sponsorship by a relative or state government.

What is PTE 65 equivalent to IELTS?

PTE 65 is equal to IELTS 7.0.

However, PTE 65 has a shorter study time compared to IELTS 7.0. You may reach the target score quicker than expected if you have a solid exam preparation strategy.

As PTE is a computer-based test, test takers will feel less pressure in Speaking tasks than in an IELTS face-to-face interview.

Plus, the PTE exam narrows the big skill gap. The four PTE skills will complement each other.

Study plan for getting PTE 65

The PTE exam includes 20 different question types. You will get an edge if you know which question types to focus on.

The Speaking section

Here are four question types in PTE speaking to help you get PTE 65 more easily:

  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat Sentences
  • Describe Image
  • Retell Lectures.

These four crucial question types significantly contribute to other PTE sections like Reading and Listening.

Question types
Speaking section
Reading section
Listening section
Read Aloud
Repeat Sentences
Describe Image
Retell Lecture
Total score

If you put more effort into these tasks, you can receive a maximum of:

  • 84 points for the Speaking section.
  • 22 points for the Reading section.
  • 35 points for the Listening section.

Tips for Speaking

  • Pronounce correctly and fluently at a suitable speed and sound.
  • While Speaking templates and regular practice are helpful, you should master pronunciation rules such as pronouncing ending sounds naturally.
  • Don’t try to correct anything you mispronounce. It will make you lose time and confidence.

The Writing section

To get PTE 65+ on the first try, you should focus on both tasks in the PTE Writing section.

  • Summarise Written Text
  • Essay.

Summarize Written Text contributes most of the score to reading skills.

Question types
Writing section
Reading section
Summarize Written Text
Write Essay
Total score

You can get around 10 points in the Reading module and a maximum of 22 points in the Writing module if you can perform well in these two tasks.

Tips for Writing

  • Master the vocabulary for each writing topic.
  • Don’t rely heavily on templates! Instead, focus on grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules.
  • Practice using complex and compound sentences will help you better explain your viewpoint.
  • Pay attention to the word limits while summarizing written text and writing essays.
  • Always double-check your responses.

The Reading section

Concentrate on the following question types to achieve a PTE reading score of 65 or higher.

  • Reorder paragraphs
  • Reading Fill in the Blanks
  • Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks.
Question types
Reading section
Writing section
Reorder paragraphs
Reading Fill in the Blanks
Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks
Total score

You can score up to 43 points in PTE reading and several points in PTE writing.

Tips for Reading

Students often find PTE Reading difficult, especially Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks. To ace this task, you should

  • Analyze the context of the sentence: positive or negative, formal or informal tone.
  • Enhance your vocabulary for multiple topics.
  • Gain a strong knowledge of grammar and collocations.

The Listening section

There are eight question types in the PTE Listening section. But you should put more effort into the four following question types:

  • Summarize Spoken Text
  • Highlight Incorrect Words
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Write from Dictation

You may lose points if you only study the four tasks above and ignore the rest.

Let’s see how PTE calculates for these four question types to find out why they are important for target PTE 65.

Question types
Listening section
Writing section
Reading section
Summarize Spoken Text
Highlight Incorrect Words
Fill in the Blanks
Retell Lecture
Write from Dictation
Total score

Tips for Listening

  • Listen more and familiarize yourself with the native English accents.
  • Practice taking notes.
  • Always proofread your responses.

Ultimately, here are the maximum overall scores for each PTE section with these key question types:

Speaking section
Reading section
Listening section
Writing section

If you study important question types harder, you can get up to PTE 79.

Tips for scoring 65+ quickly

The average study time for PTE 65 is typically 3 to 6 months for those with an English background. However, it all depends on your current English proficiency level and how effective your study plan is.

To reach PTE 65 in a short time, you need to ensure:

  • Have a suitable study strategy with an appropriate time frame
  • Quality study resources
  • Have a trainer to guide and point out mistakes for improvement
  • Practice, practice, practice.


Is your PTE score goal 65 or higher? 

Most importantly, you need reasonable instruction and considerable effort to get a high PTE score.

PTE 65 will be a small number if you follow our study guide and tips carefully.

Are you ready to study for PTE 65? Contact us to get the latest mock tests!

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