PTE Describe Image: Pictures that don’t contain keywords – Part III

After receiving the positive feedback from our MAGIC students, we would like to share more insight into PTE Describe Image pictures that don’t contain many keywords.
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Stick to this principle: Keywords can be anything that you see on the picture.

PTE Magic Describe Image – Typing Postures

Keywords for your information:

  • Mention the title: right and wrong typing postures
  • On the left-hand side: right typing postures/ hands are properly placed on the keyboard/ the distance between the wrist and the keyboard is appropriate
  • On the right-hand side: wrong typing postures/ hands are too close to each other/ hands are too far away from each other/ the distance between the wrist and the keyboard is either too close or too far
PTE Magic Describe Image – The Tree Growth Rings

Keywords for your information:

  • Mention the title: The evidence: The tree growth rings
  • The categories: tree rings/ trunk/ warmer climate/ cooler climate
  • The inner part: tree rings grow wider in the warmer climate
  • The outer part: tree rings grow narrower in the cooler climate
  • It seems like the tree was cut down in a rainforest
  • We can see a saw and some grass around the tree
PTE Magic Describe Image – Fish Count in Daytime and Nighttime

Keywords for your information:

  • Mention the title: Fish count in daytime and nighttime
  • On the left-hand side: fish can be found in different ocean layers/ coral reef at the bottom of the sea/ fish activities during the day time/ they are looking for food
  • On the right-hand side: fish can only be found in the bottom layer of the ocean/ they can’t be seen near the surface of the ocean/ there are more fish compared to daytime/ they are resting instead of looking for food

Don’t forget to speak for 35-38 seconds and have a conclusion in the end!


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Last updated on 27/07/2023

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