PTE For Australia PR: All Requirements For an Immigrant Visa

PTE For Australia - All Requirements For An Immigrant Visa

PTE is one of the most versatile English examinations that can be accepted in many countries, including Australia. When moving to this country, whether for education, employment, or immigration, you must prove your English proficiency.

That’s why learning about how this  PTE for Australia is essential.

However, many still don’t know the minimum PTE score for Australia to set the right target.

Earning adequate PTE scores can streamline your migration pathway. Therefore, PTE Magic has crafted this article to explain all the ins and outs of this test and the required score for each component.

Let’s take a look.


What Is The PTE Exam Used For In Australia?

PTE For Australia - All Requirements For An Immigrant Visa

Visa Application

Many governments, including Australia, accept the PTE test result as proof of your English level. You have to gain a certain Australian immigration PTE score to be eligible for a visa application. 

Some visa categories you can apply for are permanent resident visas, skilled migration visas, student visas, and so on.

Admission To Universities And Colleges

Pursuing higher education is one of the most common reasons individuals decide to move to Australia. Luckily, the PTE Academic test is regarded as a valid testament to your English fluency. 

Many universities and colleges across this country use this test result as one of the entrance requirements for freshmen in postgraduate and undergraduate programs.

Some universities to name are the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, the University of Wollongong, the University of Queensland, Australia National University, Academies Australasia, and the Abbott School of Business.

Scholarship Opportunities

English is the first and foremost criterion to ensure you can keep up with your studies. Therefore, when you get a scholarship to study abroad in Australia, it’s recommended that you include the PTE test result in the application form.

Job Opportunities

Whether it’s PTE immigration or employment, a high score will significantly benefit you. 

International workers must be fluent in English for effective communication in their organization. If you are seeking jobs in Australia, it’s a wise choice to take the PTE examination with adequate scores. 

Professional Certification Or Personal Development

Are you coming to Australia for professional certification or registration purposes? If yes, a good PTE test result will be of great help, as many

professional organizations use it as a reference to evaluate your English level.

Otherwise, you can take the examination anytime to self-assess your English proficiency and make progress. The PTE exam fees in Australia are also reasonable at about AUD 410, so feel free to get tested regularly.

PTE Exam Minimum Score Requirements In Australia By The Australia Department Of Home Affairs

There are 5 English levels you can follow to apply for a visa, each with a different Australia PTE score requirement. The test result is based on your scores of 4 skills, including Speaking, Writing, Reading, And Listening. 

Refer to the table below for more details on each level:

English Level
Test Component
Minimum Score
PTE Validity For Australia Visa
Functional English PTE score
Average score
Within 12 months before the application
Vocational English PTE score
Each of the 4 skills
Within 3 years before the application
Competent English PTE score
Each of the 4 skills
Within 3 years before the application or invitation (for skilled migrants)
Proficient English PTE score
Each of the 4 skills
Within 3 years before the application
Superior English PTE score
Each of the 4 skills
Within 3 years before the application

Some notes:

  • The Australian Department of Home Affairs doesn’t consider online or at-home PTE tests eligible proof.
  • Competent English level is mandatory for visa subclasses 494, 491, 489, 190, 189, 188, 187, and 186. We will explain this requirement further in the next section.
  • The more demanding your purpose is, like pursuing higher education or skilled migration, the higher the score you will need to obtain.

What Is The Required PTE Score For Australia PR Visa?

If you are planning to reside in Australia for a long time or permanently, you need to get a PR or permanent resident visa. This visa allows you to live, study, and work without restriction in this country, but you are not a citizen there. The required Australia PR PTE score is at least 65 points. 

However, suppose you fall into subclass 189 (Skilled Independent) or 190 (Skilled Nominated), the requirement for a PR visa is a competent English level, equivalent to 50 points.

What Is The Required PTE Score For a 485 Visa?

The 485 visa grants you the right to live, work, and study in Australia for up to 6 years. This category is ideal for international students or workers who want to gain valuable working experience abroad. 

To apply for this visa, you have to score at least 50 marks on the PTE test, with a required minimum score of 36 for each skill. To learn more about visa categories and their requirements, move to the next part!

Australia Visa Categories That Accept PTE Test Scores

Australia Visa Categories That Accept PTE Test Scores

All visa categories necessitating proof of English proficiency accept the PTE test result. Below is a summary table for you, compiled from the Australia Department of Home Affairs:

Visa Subclass
For Whom
Required Level/Score
Distinguished Talent (124 & 858)
Those having outstanding and exceptional achievements in a profession, arts, sports, or academia and research
Business Talent (132)
Those wanting to start up or develop an existing organization
Former Resident (151)
Former residents or those serving in the Australian Defence Force
Business Skills (160 to 165) (Provisional)
Those wanting to manage a business
Employer Nomination Scheme (186)
Workers nominated by employers
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (187)
Skilled workers (nominated)
Business Innovation & Investment (188 & 888)
Investors, business owners, or entrepreneurs
Competent (188) or Functional (888)
Skilled Independent (189)
Skilled workers (not sponsored)
Skilled Nominated (190)
Skilled migrants (nominated)
Temporary Work (457) (Skilled)
Skilled workers to work temporarily (2-4 years)
Work & Holiday (462)
Those wanting to have a working holiday (aged 18 to 30)
Recognized Graduate (Skilled) (476)
Engineering graduates under 30 (up to 18 months)
Temporary Graduate (485)
International students
Skilled Regional (489) (Provisional
Skilled workers wanting to work in regional Australia
Skilled Regional (887)
Those having worked in regional Australia previously
Skilled Work Regional (491)
Skilled migrant nominated by a territory government or state, living and working in regional Australia
Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (494)
Skilled workers nominated by employers (having a labor contract)
Student (500)
Students taking a course of study


Learning PTE for Australia is important, as all visa categories accept this test result. Many of them only require a functional English level, increasing your chance of receiving an eligible visa. 

If you want to work, study, or even live permanently in this country, it’s best to start your PTE learning today!

Last updated on 20/12/2023

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