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How do you normally take notes when you do PTE Repeat Sentence? Do you write down the first letter of each word or do you prefer not to take any notes and just listen?

There is no one method that fits everyone. You can try both methods as long as you can repeat the sentence correctly.

However, today we’re going to have a look at one technique, that is to break down the sentence into chunks.

Have you ever wondered why you could never memorise the sentence after the recording is finished? Maybe it’s because you’re doing it in the wrong way.

Let’s take a look at the sentence below:

An extra lecture is about to be scheduled at the end of this week to assist you with revision.

In this sentence, there are 19 words, which are quite long. However, we are not simply memorising 19 individual words when we do this task, we are actually memorising groups of words instead.

What is chunking? It means to break the sentence down into meaningful phrases. For example,

Subject: An extra lecture
Verb: is about to be scheduled
Time: at the end of this week
Purpose: to assist you with revision

Now we have 4 groups of words to memorise instead of 19 individual words.

Let’s have a look at one more example:

In this library, the reserve collection of books can be borrowed for up to three hours.

Where/Location: In this library,
Subject: the reserve collection of books
Verb: can be borrowed
Time: for up to three hours.

You can try this method next time because it’s going to help you repeat the sentence better!


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Last updated on 27/07/2023

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