PTE Results On Hold: What To Do?

PTE Results On Hold: What To Do?

The Pearson PTE exam is the top choice if you urgently want proof of English proficiency to study or work abroad.

Pearson issues PTE scorecards within 5 working days, much quicker than IELTS or TOEFL.

However, there will occasionally be PTE results on hold. What are the reasons for this delay?

And what should you do in that situation?

In this short guide, our PTE Australia team will help you out.

Key Takeaways

  • PTE results on hold are uncommon, so simply follow the exam terms and conditions and kindly wait.
  • As long as your score is ready, you can receive a notification email any day within five working days after your test.
  • Find out the six possible reasons why PTE scores are put on hold in this blog.

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PTE scores on hold: what are the possible reasons?

You may not want to make sure your exam results are on time. If you encounter this problem, stay calm to find out the reasons.

Here are some possible reasons for PTE results on hold:

Flagged for further review

The evaluation process sometimes takes longer than planned because your test is flagged for additional evaluation.

PTE always ensures to offer accurate results through an in-depth examination. 

Violation of exam terms

Pearson will keep your score for further investigation if they detect any potential irregularities in your test. They will check even minor issues of your test.

Your test results might be revoked if you don’t follow the exam terms as listed in the PTE Test Taker Handbook.

Security Before issuing the certificate

PTE continuously checks carefully before issuing your scorecard.

The PTE biometric system for the identification will verify that the test-taker is who they claim they are.

The security function double-checks whether a test-taker tries to take the exam under a different name.

Your score report will be kept and sent only once the checking is completed.

Pearson duplicate accounts

You will miss or never get your PTE test result if you create double accounts on the Pearson website.

The system does not allow dual registration. PTE will not determine your main account to assign the results if you register duplicate accounts.

Audio quality issues

Your voice recording will decide your final PTE Speaking score.

It must fall within a specific frequency range to be able to transcribe. The PTE voice-to-text software will do this process.

However, if you misplaced the microphone or spoke lower or louder, your recording has to be normalized by another software.

That will take extra time to issue your scorecard.

Technical system issues

A PTE test centre’s primary computer may occasionally require maintenance or an update. As a result, processing results take longer.

What to do if your PTE results are delayed?

pte results on hold

Five working days or fewer since your test

You should be patient at first. Once your score is available, PTE will email you within five working days, if not earlier. Most test takers receive their results in 2–3 days.

More than five working days since your test

Check your spam or junk email boxes or log in to your myPTE account to view your results if you do not receive your results after five working days.

Do not worry! Your scores may be available within two weeks for the reasons listed above.

You can not view your PTE results

You cannot view your score report although your score report is available. Or you see a notification that “Technical issues are preventing us from displaying candidate photographs at this time”.

In such cases, refresh your report again. Your result will be accessible within 24 hours.

If it remains unavailable after 24 hours, fill in Pearson delayed score form for help.

Alternatively, you can call them directly for quick support.

Can PTE results come on the weekend?

Yes. You can get your PTE results on Sundays or weekends. As long as your score is ready, you can receive a notification email on any day within five working days since your test.

Can I get my PTE result at night?

Yes. PTE results will be ready once the scoring system finishes the evaluation process. An advanced AI system does this process, so your PTE result may come no matter the day or night.


Relax! PTE results on hold are uncommon. All you need to do is follow the exam terms and conditions and kindly wait.

If you need your PTE results urgently to meet the deadline, ensure you prepare thoroughly for the exam. The PTE results will come as planned.

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Last updated on 09/05/2024

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