PTE Score Validity & Expiry Date For Australia PR & Study Aboard

PTE Score Validity & Expiry Date

Your English level may change over time. Therefore, all English proficiency certificates will have an expiration date.

Be mindful of the validity time if you are about to take the PTE exam for university admission or visa application.

And in this post, PTE Magic will share with you everything you need to know about PTE score validity and other related information.

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Key Takeaways

  • Your PTE score sheet is valid for two years from the test date, similar to the IELTS test score.
  • PTE score validity differs from PTE score validity for Australian PR.
  • You must achieve and maintain a score requirement for the four test sections.

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How long is the PTE academic validity?

Your PTE score sheet is valid for two years from the test date, similar to the IELTS test score.

Once accessing the PTE scorecard on the online portal, test takers must validate their results to receive the final verified score.

You can download your PTE Score Report in PDF form for personal use and send your score to your institutes for other purposes.

Pearson automatically removes your results from the website on the PTE expiry date. You cannot view it on your myPTE account anymore.

Therefore, you should use your PTE Score Report within the validity period to avoid visa or admission rejection.

PTE score validity for Australia PR

pte score validity & expiry date

Besides serving study abroad purposes, the PTE score is one of the crucial requirements for immigration to Australia.

However, PTE score validity differs from PTE score validity for Australian PR.

A PTE Academic score is valid for up to three years for immigration reasons, while the Score Report shows a validity period of two years.

To become a permanent resident in Australia, you need to take the PTE Academic, not the PTE General as these two PTE exam types have different patterns.

All visa categories and Australia PR require PTE Academic results as proof of English language ability, according to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Additionally, you must achieve and maintain a score requirement. Specifically, a minimum score of 50 or above is required for each of the four test sections. However, there are other factors that ensure you can obtain a Permanent Resident visa.

You should provide your latest valid PTE Score Report to guarantee that your visa application is the most relevant. This way, you can increase your chances of getting Australian PR.

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Australia is the place to be, right?

Whether you come to Australia for any reason, from studying to immigrating, ensure to plan for a smooth visa application process.

We hope our information on PTE score validity will be helpful to you.

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Last updated on 09/05/2024

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